Project Management

ITRESA specializes in industrial consulting for the management of industrial projects. We develop an integral consultancy of the projects, including turnkey processes.

Table of Contents

Requirement analysis

We first identify the needs of our clients, the established design requirements, and the defined project objectives.

This is possible thanks to the joint work between our team and our client's team. We will also collect all the information necessary for the development of the project in this phase (documentation, studies carried out...).

In case we do not have all this information, our team is able to generate it in order to prepare all the materials before the start of the project.

Conceptual design

We will use simulation in a qualitative way, as a tool for decision making.

In the detail development phase, simulation and testing will be used as a tool to verify that all requirements and technical specifications are met, and that they are the optimal combination for minimizing total cost and time.


The use of formally documented validated simulation procedures allows the accumulation of acquired experiences and acts as part of the knowledge system acquired by the companies, as working tools adapted to the needs of each phase of the design and development process, resulting in an accurate balance of the required uses and in conditions to be used as routine.

Thus numerical simulation can be used in the design from the beginning of the project to synthesize the optimal solutions for new products.

Simulation and testing

Hybrid simulation (sometimes referred to as simulation and test engineering) tries to optimally integrate the procedures and visit points of numerical analysis and applied experimentation as a necessary condition to make virtual prototypes a reliable tool in engineering decision making.

In the initial phase of the project, simulation is used more qualitatively than quantitatively, as a process assistance tool, shaping the conceptual design and architecture of the new development.

Process control

Our commitment to innovation and technological development has allowed us to automate any industrial process. ITRESA boasts an extensive background in the development and implementation of control systems for industrial processes.

The knowledge and expertise in equipment such as PLC's (programmable logic controllers), signal capture equipment, instrumentation, processing servers, and many other equipment has provided us with excellent results in the industrial automation sector.

For our customers' peace of mind, ITRESA carries out preventive and corrective maintenance work on a regular basis, thus maintaining the production system on a continuous basis.

Data acquisition

Conceptually, a monitoring and data acquisition system is based on a Scada System.

In communication with different plant control equipment, such as programmable logic controllers, process servers, etc., and through industrial communication networks, its main function is to manage the plant and collect process variables for further processing; at the same time, it is able to provide the different departments with technical information on the development of the process.

At ITRESA we know the main products in the market. We have also developed customized applications, where no commercial Scada System could be adapted.


Working with fieldbuses, protocols, etc., from ITRESA we develop different applications, libraries, converters that allow the automatic data exchange between different platforms, PLC's, equipment, systems and process servers, while avoiding the manual transcription of large amounts of data, or allowing access to shared data between different departments: production, logistics, maintenance...


ITRESA's team is capable of supervising and directing the construction and installation of treatment plants of any size. From the installation of field elements, or electrical works, to the completion of the required tests.


At ITRESA we have extensive experience in the commissioning of treatment plants in different sectors, gained through many years of commissioning plants around the world, mainly in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Training operators and maintenance team is necessary in the transition from start-up to production phases. ITRESA has highly trained engineers and technicians who are able to transfer their knowledge to the client's O&M team to achieve a safe and reliable production start-up.